Missionary Questionnaire
Missionary Name
Contact Information
Mission Field
Sending Church
Contact Information
In the spaces provided please briefly, yet thoroughly, define what you believe about the subjects listed.
1. A Church.
3. Universal, Invisible, Church.
2. The Body of Christ.
4. Baptism.
5. The Lord's Supper.
6. Church Polity
7. Church Authority.
8. Mission Boards.
9. The Origin of the Church.
10. The Goal of Missions.
11. What agency Starts a Church?
12. The Missionary's Sending Agency.
13. The Reception and Distibution of Funds.
14. The Tenets of Salvation.
15. The English Bible.
16. The Preservation of the Bible.
17. Divorce and Remarriage.
18. Are you married to your first wife?
19. Have either you or your wife ever been divorced?
20. Have you ever been placed under, or are you presently under, church discipline?
21. Please list dates you would like to present your burden to this church.

21. Please insert your comments below.